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What are the Best Rock Ballads of all Time?

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There was something about the great rock ballads that the later popular anthems could not match. Many rock fans will agree that the rock ballads made a deeper mark on the rock scene that other styles struggle to achieve. What are some of these all-time favorite rock ballads?

Nothing else matters- Metallica

Over 40 covers have been done for this song. James Hetfield says he wrote the song while speaking to his girlfriend while on the road during a tour. It went on to be a big hit. It evolved from a song between two people to be adapted for different situations.

We are the Champions – Queen

To prove the popularity of this song, scientists made a study of fans based on 4 metrics that influence sentimentalism.  They found it be the catchiest of all songs the subjects listened to.

Never say Goodbye – Bon Jovi

This hit came from an album full of hits. This conversational ballad is a powerful account of something that was all too common before the coming of the mobile. Lost keys, a missed date and Bon Jovi went on to make a hit that is still a comfort for those missed moments.

Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone) – Cinderella

From 1988’s ‘Long cold winter’ came this gritty love ballad backed by well-done piano and strings. Tom Keifer’s raspy coarse voice is unexpected on this type of ballad which makes it so unique.

Crazy – Aerosmith

Aerosmith says this song came 7 years too late. It was written alongside 1987’s ‘Angel’ but the two songs sounded so similar that Aerosmith shelved Crazy.  Released in 1994 Crazy went on to become a hit for the broken hearted.

Everything I do – Bryan Adams

This popular ballad was an accidental hit having been written for the soundtrack to the movie ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.’ It was nominated for a Grammy in 1991. This ballad raises conflicting sentiments as diehard rock fans see it more as a pop love song.

More than words – Extreme

This is a favorite among love birds wanting to outdo each other on showing love. Nuno of the group Extreme said that the song was written with real genuine feeling that people should mean what they say in love. How touching!

Home sweet home – Motley crue

For anyone who has been away from home for some time and looks back with longing, this ballad hits close to the heart. The soft piano and voices makes it a heartfelt message for missed loved ones.