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Moving an Office? Try Man with a Van London Service

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What do I pack and what do I leave behind? This is a question you will have to consider at some point when moving an office. This is because unlike moving a residential house, an office has documents which loss or damage would cause financial loss. This is why you will often be forced to pack every little scrap of paper. Then there the heavy items to load and unload including executive desks, office cabinets, waiting chairs, coffee dispensers etc. A man with a van London service is ideal for moving as you have extra hands on the job. The help that comes with the van is very useful in packing tips. Among other suggestions you will find helpful include:

Packing at every workstation

Do not wait until moving day to start packing. Unlike in a house where items in one room, for example, the bedroom can be packed together, it is different in an office. The documents that belong in HR cannot be lumped together with those in sales. Every workstation should pack separately.

Provide every person in the office with a small packing box for personal use items like notepads, pens, erasers and others. These boxes should be well labelled. The rest of the stuff can be packed office by office with clear labelling what box belongs to which office and contains what documents.

Moving office cabinets

If you have secure cabinets where the contents are not moving about and getting mixed, load them with the contents inside. There is no need of packing the contents in separate packing boxes which would require double the space. Ensure to inform the man with a van service of this fact so that hoisting and lifting equipment can be availed for these heavy cabinets.

Moving desks

Executive desks are at a risk of getting dented or scratched when moving. Ensure that you empty the drawers of all small items and pack them separately. Modern desks can be disassembled but if that is not the case ensure the man with a van understands there are heavy items to be moved and makes available adequate manpower for the task.

Moving the safe

It is advisable to load the safe with the contents intact. This is because packing separately could put these valuable contents at risk of loss or damage. With an intact safe, you only have to worry about its security.

Remember that employees are not obliged to help when moving an office. A man with a van London service is your best bet to move an office smoothly.