Top Pros and Cons of Living in a Flatshare in London

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Let’s be honest; most of us would prefer to live alone if we’d a choice. Unfortunately, living in The Big Smoke on your own can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not bringing home a six-figure salary. For that reason, many people opt for a Flatshare in London as a great way to dial down the monthly costs. Of course, flat sharing comes with its share of challenges.

That said, choosing to live in a Flatshare in London comes with a host of advantages and drawbacks we suggest you consider before putting pen on paper.


#1. Enjoy Cosiness and Company of Others

Naturally, we want to be left alone, but living in The Big Smoke can sometimes become a little lonely – you can use a bit of company at home. In a Flatshare in London, you can enjoy sizzling things with your roommates such as watching movies, chatting or partying together. A Flatshare is also known to be a haven for making lifetime friends in London.

#2. Bring Down your Monthly Living Costs

Reducing monthly expenses is a no-brainer advantage of moving into a Flatshare in London. Besides, you will also save tonnes of cash on utility bills such as heating, electricity, and council tax because these are divided equally among flatmates.

#3. Share Responsibilities and Duties

Dealing with cleaning, laundry, cooking, and whatnot on your own isn’t always a walk in the park. Luckily, living in a Flatshare in London allows you to share household duties with your peers.

#4. Added Peace of Mind

Some people find living in a big city like London quite scary. Sharing, on the other hand, can give you and your flatmates an added sense of well-being and security. Also, you’ll have someone to keep an eye on your stuff when you’re away.


#1. Lack of Privacy or Solitude

Perhaps the biggest con of living in a Flatshare in London is the lack of privacy. It can be a little irritating to live with someone who is always up on your business or going through your stuff.

#2. Permission

When you live in a Flatshare in London, you will always need to consult with your flatmates before inviting a friend over or holding a party. What a buzz-kill, right? To add insult injury, any friction can create lots of disputes. On the other hand, a roommate who holds a loud party when you need to study or sleep can be quite bothersome.

There you are – best benefits and drawbacks of living in a Flatshare London. On the overall, however, the advantages overrun the shortcomings.

Moving an Office? Try Man with a Van London Service

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What do I pack and what do I leave behind? This is a question you will have to consider at some point when moving an office. This is because unlike moving a residential house, an office has documents which loss or damage would cause financial loss. This is why you will often be forced to pack every little scrap of paper. Then there the heavy items to load and unload including executive desks, office cabinets, waiting chairs, coffee dispensers etc. A man with a van London service is ideal for moving as you have extra hands on the job. The help that comes with the van is very useful in packing tips. Among other suggestions you will find helpful include:

Packing at every workstation

Do not wait until moving day to start packing. Unlike in a house where items in one room, for example, the bedroom can be packed together, it is different in an office. The documents that belong in HR cannot be lumped together with those in sales. Every workstation should pack separately.

Provide every person in the office with a small packing box for personal use items like notepads, pens, erasers and others. These boxes should be well labelled. The rest of the stuff can be packed office by office with clear labelling what box belongs to which office and contains what documents.

Moving office cabinets

If you have secure cabinets where the contents are not moving about and getting mixed, load them with the contents inside. There is no need of packing the contents in separate packing boxes which would require double the space. Ensure to inform the man with a van service of this fact so that hoisting and lifting equipment can be availed for these heavy cabinets.

Moving desks

Executive desks are at a risk of getting dented or scratched when moving. Ensure that you empty the drawers of all small items and pack them separately. Modern desks can be disassembled but if that is not the case ensure the man with a van understands there are heavy items to be moved and makes available adequate manpower for the task.

Moving the safe

It is advisable to load the safe with the contents intact. This is because packing separately could put these valuable contents at risk of loss or damage. With an intact safe, you only have to worry about its security.

Remember that employees are not obliged to help when moving an office. A man with a van London service is your best bet to move an office smoothly.

All-Time Top 10 Rock Ballads

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There is nothing quite like the fabulous rock ballads of the heydeys of the 1980s and 1990s. Back then, they sure did a bang-up job writing and singing these power ballads and love songs. Thanks to the oomph and sizzle of rock ballads, the music scene of this era will live on.

What are Rock Ballads?

Rock ballads are a cousin genre of slow rock, the purest of them all. Bespoke musicians came up with rock ballads so melodic, heart-rending, and lyrical that you can’t help but hum along.

Without further dilly-dallying, indulge in the top 10 rock ballads of all-time.

#1. Heavens by Bryan Adams (1985)

It’s no big secret Bryan Adams was one of the best rock artists. Heaven rose rapidly to fame across the world, with side B dedicated to Princess Diana. This rough-edged yet timeless classic brings Adams’ vocal performance like the never before.

#2. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (1998)

A gem at the end of rock ballads era, this song brought lots nostalgia of the 1980s. Well, it also charted well both in the US and the UK.

#3. Reason to Live by KISS (1987)

With Reason to Live, KISS set the bar high for rock ballads in the 80s. Unfortunately, the KISS couldn’t magic up other songs better than the Reason to live. Heart-rending and melodic, this song charted better in the UK than in the US.

#4. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera (1986)

No rock ballads playlist would be complete without the Glory of Love. Cetera, a world-renowned bassist/ vocalist, took his game to the next level with the Glory of Love.

#5. When I See You Smile by Bad English (1989)

Back in the day, the all-boys band banged out this delirious anthem.

#6. Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe (1985)

“Just take this song, and you’ll never feel left alone.” What an amazing, rock jam by Crue.

#7. I Want to Know What Is Love by Foreigner (1984)

This song is one of the few rock ballads that still rent the radio airwaves to this date.

#8. Love Bites by Def Leppard (1987)

Released in the summer of 1988 and appeared in Leppard’s all-time best album Hysteria, Love Bites rose to become the biggest US hit.

#9. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison (1989)

This blue-ish song surprised many rock ballads fan but eventually caught on.

#10. Amanda by Boston (1986)

Although it didn’t chart in the UK, Amanda gained popularity across the pond to become No.1 single in the US. Majestic, sweet, and impulsive, this guitar-laden single was the “it” thing back then.

Tips to help you select the best end of lease cleaning company

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When looking for a house cleaning service, the options available out there are endless, which can make the selection process off-putting. The process of sorting through the numerous companies available, the scores upon scores of quotes and the countless interviews with various companies can be difficult and can take days if not weeks to complete. When selecting the best cleaning service to hire, there are few things that must be put into consideration to make the best decision.  To avoid selecting the wrong company and to prevent any uncomfortable situations from arising, here are some tips to help you select the best cleaning company for your needs:

Determine what is to be cleaned

Before settling on a specific company, it is important that you first take stock of all the things that you need help with because not all cleaning services perform the same tasks. For instance, some cleaning services deal primarily with laundry, while others do housekeeping jobs.  Knowing exactly what you need help with allows you to only book a company that performs those tasks.  The process of determining what needs cleaning allows you to also plan your budget so that you can customize the cleaning to make it cheaper.

Determine how often you need the services

The frequency with which you use the service will help you in the selection process. The amount of money that you spend on a cleaning service will depend on how often you clean weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Typically, the more frequent the appointments, the cheaper the service per cleaning visit.  One off cleaning routines such as when someone is moving out tends to cost more because the cleaning required tends to be rigorous and intensive, which requires more cleaning products and more time.

Look up reviews

Before choosing any specific company, ensure that you talk to your friends, family, and coworkers that may have previously used cleaning services to get their recommendations and advice. Online reviews can also be useful in helping you determine the most reliable company to work with. A benefit of working with a cleaning service that was recommended to you is that most companies give referral credit to you and the person that recommended you, which is a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Get all the details

Most cleaning companies will send a person to your house to get an estimate of what the process will cost. Especially when an End of Lease Cleaning London is required. During such visits, you should ask all the necessary information such as the type of chemicals used, whether the company is insured, how many people will clean and how long the process will take etc.

How to Become a Better Music Listener

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Some people are labeled as ‘having an ear for music.’ These are people who can listen to a song only once and play it on the guitar. There is much more to this than talent. Such people have well developed listening skills. Whether they developed the skill by default or by deliberate effort, they can tell different keys, notes, melodies, chord progressions and other musical elements better than the average music listener. Being a good music listener makes you appreciate music better and makes you a better performer too. How can you develop an ear for music?

Listen to listen

This is where you make a deliberate effort to listen to the individual elements of the song.  This will tell you what is happening on the song. You can dissect the song better by answering questions like what is being played on the keyboard, is it piano, or strings. What is the tone of the electric guitar, and what kind of amp and guitar is being used? What is the arrangement of the instruments?  Write all this down and go over the song again once or twice before confirming with software.

Transcribe the music

Transcription of a song helps you dissect it better. You can use software like Transcribe which helps you move the song forwards, backwards or loop so that you get all the elements you need.  If you have an ipad, there is a handy application called Anytune to make your work vastly easier.

Use Ear trainers

Ear training with software can improve your aural skills faster. There are free and paid sites and applications that you can use depending on the tools and features you need. You can try out a free application like to decide what you want before moving on to the paid programs.

Copy what you hear

If you think you have all the elements right, pick up an instrument and copy what you heard.  The guitar is a favorite tool for starters. You can do it better if you create chord charts.  Do not aim at perfection but try as much as you can and work at it.

Go to class

Taking music lessons can help you appreciate what it makes to make the music. Music classes will give you the skills to tell apart musical instruments, chords, notes and so on. If you are a musician it will make your skills better.  Musical lessons will give you a lifelong ability that will change the way you enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world.

What Are Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Questions?

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The standard tenancy agreement will require you to leave the house in a good condition just like you found it. The landlord has to be satisfied that the cleaning has been done to the required standards before you get a reimbursement of the tenancy deposit. If this is not done, a dispute will arise. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on end of tenancy cleaning.

What is a tenant’s responsibility in end of tenancy cleaning?

The most obvious is that, you are responsible for all cleaning chores in your house. This includes furniture items, kitchenware and other items that come with the lease. These could be carpets, rugs, oven, fridge, sofa, cabinets etc. You will also be responsible for clearing any pest and vermin infestations. For tenants in a standalone unit, the area under your lease includes the garden, veranda and driveway. The landlord is responsible for cleaning shared areas like the stairways.

Can a landlord force a tenant to do end of tenancy cleaning?

The law recognises the landlord’s right to have his house back in a reasonable state. This is shown in the moving in report. If the end of tenancy cleaning is not done satisfactorily, the landlord can raise a dispute and refuse to hand over the tenancy deposit. If the tenant refuses to take care of the complaints raised, the landlord can use part of the tenancy deposit to pay for the costs of the cleaning. Alternatively, the dispute can be heard by the Office of Fair Trading.

What is involved in end of tenancy cleaning north london?

The cleaning should be comprehensive and cover all the areas of the house.  It should be deeper than the normal cleaning. The cleaning should be good enough to pass the inspection of a keen eye. This means no dust under heavy items or crumbs left in the oven.

Some of the work done in the main areas involves:

  • Cleaning the living room

Covered furniture items should be steam cleaned. Uncovered furniture items should be cleaned and polished. Stains on the floor, carpets and rugs should be cleaned off.

  • Cleaning the kitchen

Grease and food crumbs should be cleaned off the fridge and oven. All items that are likely to see mould growth should be wiped down with an antiseptic.

  • Cleaning the bathroom

All mirrors should be cleaned and polished. Soap scum and lime scale should be scrubbed off the bathroom walls and tiles, and all drain holes be clear of any debris

  • Cleaning the bedrooms

The walls and ceilings should be dusted and all cobwebs removed. Rugs, carpets and curtains should be cleaned.

End of tenancy cleaning involves comprehensive cleaning of the house. A professional cleaning service is your best bet for indisputable work.

What are the Best Rock Ballads of all Time?

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There was something about the great rock ballads that the later popular anthems could not match. Many rock fans will agree that the rock ballads made a deeper mark on the rock scene that other styles struggle to achieve. What are some of these all-time favorite rock ballads?

Nothing else matters- Metallica

Over 40 covers have been done for this song. James Hetfield says he wrote the song while speaking to his girlfriend while on the road during a tour. It went on to be a big hit. It evolved from a song between two people to be adapted for different situations.

We are the Champions – Queen

To prove the popularity of this song, scientists made a study of fans based on 4 metrics that influence sentimentalism.  They found it be the catchiest of all songs the subjects listened to.

Never say Goodbye – Bon Jovi

This hit came from an album full of hits. This conversational ballad is a powerful account of something that was all too common before the coming of the mobile. Lost keys, a missed date and Bon Jovi went on to make a hit that is still a comfort for those missed moments.

Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone) – Cinderella

From 1988’s ‘Long cold winter’ came this gritty love ballad backed by well-done piano and strings. Tom Keifer’s raspy coarse voice is unexpected on this type of ballad which makes it so unique.

Crazy – Aerosmith

Aerosmith says this song came 7 years too late. It was written alongside 1987’s ‘Angel’ but the two songs sounded so similar that Aerosmith shelved Crazy.  Released in 1994 Crazy went on to become a hit for the broken hearted.

Everything I do – Bryan Adams

This popular ballad was an accidental hit having been written for the soundtrack to the movie ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.’ It was nominated for a Grammy in 1991. This ballad raises conflicting sentiments as diehard rock fans see it more as a pop love song.

More than words – Extreme

This is a favorite among love birds wanting to outdo each other on showing love. Nuno of the group Extreme said that the song was written with real genuine feeling that people should mean what they say in love. How touching!

Home sweet home – Motley crue

For anyone who has been away from home for some time and looks back with longing, this ballad hits close to the heart. The soft piano and voices makes it a heartfelt message for missed loved ones.

Good Music You Should Be Listening to

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Good music is food for the soul.  Good music has a calming healing effect on the listener. Listening to good music will make you relax and see the better side of life.  Some artists have made music that is ever popular.  If you are looking for good music try out these artists.

Frank Beverly and Maze

Maze is a soul band that formed in the late 1970s in San Francisco, California. Frank Beverly later joined this group to make top albums like can’t stop the love (1985), and Silk Soul (1989).  Some of their greatest hits include Can’t Get over you, Back in Stride and Before I let go.

Bob Marley

Popularly known as the King of reggae, Bob’s music is a journey of self-discovery and values of humanity and justice. Bob’s songs were against injustice and oppression of the poor. He also wrote great love music. His greatest album is probably Legend (1984) that has sold over 10 million copies and has been the second longest topping chart on Billboard. Some of Bob’s greatest hits include Could you be loved, Exodus, Redemption Song and Waiting in Vain along with numerous other beautiful hits.

Dennis Brown

Brown was a Jamaican reggae artist who wrote beautiful love reggae also called lovers rock. Brown has been named as one of the Top 50 great voices by NPR radio.  He made over 75 albums in a career spanning three decades. Some of his greatest hits include “Money In My Pocket” (1979),  “Love Has Found Its Way” (1982),  “Halfway Up Halfway Down” (1982), and   “Senorita” (1988).  Brown’s music is full of feel good love and seduction messages.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder has been one of the most celebrated artists of modern times. with 25 Grammy awards, and over 100 million albums sold, Stevie Wonder is one of the top 60 bestselling music artists of hit time.

Stevie Wonder has released over 25 albums including best sellers such as Innervisions (1973), Hotter than July (1984), and Songs in the Key of Life (1976). Some of his greatest hits are I just called to Say I Love you, Superstition and Sir Duke.

The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers is an American musical band that sings doo-wop, rock and roll, R&B, soul, rock, funk, and gospel. This band has been inducted into the Rock & roll hall of fame with 16 of their albums hitting Billboard top 40.  Some of their best performing singles include it’s Your Thing (1969), Fight the power (Part 1) (1975), and Down Low (1996).  Some great albums by the Isley Brothers include Showdown (1978), Between the Sheets (1983), and Eternal (2001).